We deliver our expert face to face tuition from St. Albans and our Tuition Centre in Redbourn High Street. We do not offer online tuition or travel to the home of a student.

Primary Tuition

Year 5 & 6 English & Maths

We offer small group tuition for pupils in years 5and 6.These classes are taught by our experienced and well qualified Primary Specialist Teacher. The maximum number of pupils in a class is four pupils. We do not offer one to one tuition for pupils in year 5 and 6.

Secondary Tuition

Year 7 -11 Maths

We offer two to one tuition for Secondary pupils. This is where two pupils in the same year and of the same ability are matched and taught together in a one hour lesson and homework is set at the end of the lesson.

We offer one to one tuition for GCSE pupils, however this is more expensive and availability for one to one tuition is limited.

We also offer a Saturday GCSE Year 11 Booster Classes. These classes are taught in a small group with a maximum of four pupils. The aim of these classes is examination technique and preparation to boost exam grades.