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Welcome to St. Albans Maths Tutors, your trusted partner in mathematics education. Founded in 2012 by two seasoned educators with a combined experience of over 40 years, we are driven by a passion for making maths accessible to all students. We offer high-quality, face-to-face tuition to pupils in both state and private schools in St. Albans and the surrounding areas. Whether you're looking for regular tutoring, maths assessments, or intensive revision sessions, we are here to help. Dive in and discover how we can facilitate your learning and understanding of maths to build your academic success. 


About Us

St. Albans Maths Tutorsbegan in September 2012, when two highly qualified teachers, with over 40 years combined experience and a genuine passion for teaching wanted to make maths more accessible for all students.

Our mission is to provide high quality accessible face to face tuition to pupils in both state and private schools in St. Albans and the surrounding areas.


We recognise the challenges of increasing class sizes, the impact of Covid, disruptions to learning in class and the increasing demands of the maths curriculum. Regrettably, this has led to pupils falling behind, having limited time with their teacher, or simply insufficient time to fully grasp topics in depth. We use our extensive knowledge, expertise and experience to reinforce the fundamental principles of maths and to facilitate the learning and understanding of maths to build academic success.

What We Do

The Tutor Hub

The Tutor Hub is a brand-new tuition centre located in Redbourn that specialises in providing quality education in Mathematics. We understand that Math can be a challenging subject for many students, which is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing small group classes that ensure individualised attention from our specialist teachers.

Pupil Assessments

At St. Albans Maths Tutors in addition to our tuition we are also pleased to provide pupil assessments. Our assessments are designed to, identify key areas of strength, assess the clarity and presentation of methods used to solve mathematical problems and to identify areas that require development in order to improve maths skills.

Our assessments are very popular with parents who want to obtain an honest, reliable and independent bench mark of where a pupil is currently working at.


We offer revision sessions during Easter and Half-term, which is geared to helping students gain confidence, so that they get the best results in their exams. In these sessions we cover the key areas of the new Maths syllabus, including exam technique, problem solving and exam paper practice. Our Maths revision sessions are well structured and occur over 3 days.

Why Choose Us?

Reason Number 1

Our tutors are highly qualified, experienced, and passionate about teaching maths. With degrees in mathematics or mathematics education, years of classroom teaching experience, and a dedication to helping students succeed, you can trust our tutors to provide excellent instruction.

Reason Number 2

We conduct thorough assessments to understand each student's strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. By tailoring tutoring to your individual needs, we can target the right areas and strategically build up your skills and confidence. You'll get personalised support that works.

Reason Number 3

We use proven tutoring techniques to simplify complex concepts, break down problems, and teach learning strategies. Whether you struggle with a particular maths topic or need overall skills improvement, our tutors use effective methods to help you master the subject. You'll gain understanding and ability.

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So many positive statements about maths enjoyable, interesting, fun, simple to understand, After over a year with Sandra our two girls would wholeheartedly endorse that. Sandra was Annie's tutor for GCSE year 11. In Annie's words 'I wish I'd had Sandra for year 10 too.

Helen obyrne

A really good teacher that took the time to go over bits that were forgotten. made sure to set homework then go over it till it was properly understood.

Lue Perkins

Jae's tuition was incredibly helpful for my son, especially in his GCSE year. My son really enjoyed working with him and gained confidence in maths. Jae is a kind and dedicated teacher and I highly recommend him to anyone.

Michelle Donegan

Sandra has tutored our daughter Lily for a number of years. Lily’s teacher told us she was 2 years behind in Maths when she was in year 5 and she has just received a level 6 in her maths GCSE. I can honestly say she would have struggled to pass if it wasn’t for Sandra’s tutoring.

Joanne Everitt

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