If your child struggles with maths, physics, chemistry, or history then you may have considered hiring a tutor before, but we can almost guarantee you’ve never hired a Harry Potter themed tutor. A private in-home tutoring company, announced earlier this month a new and innovative way it’s going to tutor children. They are now offering tutoring Hogwarts style. This new service promises to teach your children valuable real life information while feeding their creativity and imagination.While the company has been careful not to mention or use the famous trademarked name, it is clear the inspiration for this tutoring service comes from the beloved Harry Potter franchise.

The service is aimed to enchant students of all ages and comes in two magical packages.

The first Package is called Kwikspell and includes:

  • An acceptance letter to The School of Magic when the course is completed
  • Wands, capes, and other accessories
  • Spell books (which correlate to the courses you are taking)
  • Potions
  • A professional tutor dressed in Hogwarts themed costume

The Second package is called the Spellbound package and includes all of the above and:

  • A professional wizard look-alike tutor
  • Afternoon Tea with Philosopher’s Scones or another snack

But it’s not all play. The tutors have worked with assessment professionals and teachers in order to create a realistic representation of the tests your children take every day. The courses offered span from 7+ to GCSE papers in all subjects.

However, The School of Magic doesn’t cover all of these subjects. This new service offers tutoring exclusively in maths, physics, chemistry, and history. Each of these subjects are taught by a different magical tutor: maths with a Gringotts goblin, physics with a flying teacher, chemistry with a potions teacher, and history with a Hogwarts ghost. You may specially request a specific themed teacher, but this could affect pricing.

The aim of this service is to educate students in a fun and engaging way that inspires children to continue learning. Too many times children become disinterested in their education and don’t see the value in it. The tutors seek to end all that, with this School of Magic. Through this service they hope to bring joy and creativity back to the learning process.

As of right now, the price for these products remains unlisted, as the product is only available for booking in the county of Kent in England. All we know for sure is that price will vary based on location and travel time. Most of the standard tutors have an hourly rate of £60, so the only certainty is that the rate for School of Magic tutors will be much higher.

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